Bayeswater is expanding this year with the addition of this beautiful little 3 acre farm reservoir.  Unlike the original Bayeswater lake Kings Court is a mature, tree lined res with reeds and even pads around the margins. 


Billericay angling were the former tenants and from what I can gather stocked it with roach, Rudd, tench and F1 hybrids. I've been told there already is some carp in there but we'll obviously be stocking more and intend to put around 40 young fish in there to grow on hopefully to create a much sought after special carp lake.


We've just sent a registration form to Cefas and will then apply for permission to have a cross section of the present species health checked.  Once we get to that stage we'll be netting it hard to remove as many small fish as possible to make it better to grow the future carp stock.


Apparently there's a good average size of tench and perch in there and we'll be keeping these for the foreseeable future but as many of the F1 hybrids, small tench, roach and Rudd will be going.


The lake will be run as a 25 man syndicate and we're looking to fill it from the Bayeswater syndicate waiting list.   I've already sold 5 tickets so if your on the waiting list and interested please contact us as soon as possible.  The ticket price will be £250 for the first year.  If any are unfortunate and don't get chance the first season we'll start a dedicated Kings Court waiting list.


The first season runs from now till April 2017 since there isn't any stocked carp in there yet.  However we intend to start stocking carp from around November this year and I'm hoping to stock several 20 pounders to just over 30 in the first instance so bearing in mind I've only ever stocked 4 carp in the Bayeswater syndicate over 20 pound with 2 of these reasonably recent this new syndicate will have a much better head start.


The lake itself is long and thin so will probably only have swims on one bank except at the widest part.  We recon there will be 8-9 swims with a few places to poke a single rod through.  We don't really know much about the topography of the lake but the widest end is around 14 foot so we assume the lake shallows of toward the thin end.  As we find out more we'll up date this.


We will share the lake with occasional campers who's camping area is at either end of the lake but other than that there should be very little disturbance. The only shooting on the site is with air guns and there is even a air gun shooting club on the farm with both indoor and outdoor ranges.


Other than the track down to the lake there isn't really much maintenance to catch up with on the lake although when the swims get busy they might need a bit of a look at.


That's it really for now, as we know more and get underway we'll update the information.  We'll be adding a Kings Court Reservoir gallery to the web site so keep an eye out.



On application



         Kings Court Farm Rules

         We know this is a new water with no previous experience of rules but where we started with almost no rules at our Bayeswater site we have decided to start with the bare bones on this venue.  Please see the opening paragraph from our Bayeswater rules and then read the rules, as obvious as most of them are and thank you in advance for your cooperation.


We don’t like to be always pushing a rule book at people and rely on our anglers to have some common sense and respect for the lakes and fellow anglers.  99% of the anglers who fish Bayeswater are very nice people; most of the rules had to be written for the 1% that just doesn’t get it.  If you do see people acting inappropriately please inform a bailiff.


Membership and Permits


·         Anglers must ensure that they have in their possession their syndicate and Environment Agency rod license(s) at all times when on site.

·         All anglers must hold the necessary valid Environment Agency rod license(s)

·         All members must comply with Environment Agency rod licence fishing rules.

·         Anglers wives, girlfriends and close family members are allowed to visit but please ensure they understand fishing etiquette and respect the peace other anglers are enjoying.


Access and Parking


·         Access is via Kings Court farm gates only.

·         Drive carefully through the farm; beware of children and other farm users.

·         Keep to the obvious track down to the lakes, not on the field.

·         The speed limit on site is 10mph.

·         Vehicles may only be parked in the designated car park, please park well away from the track to allow wide farm vehicle access to the fields beyond the lake.

·         No trespassing in surrounding farmland or woods.

·         Please avoid arriving and leaving the lake between 10pm and 6 am.

·         When driving along the track and into the farm yard in the dark hours use dipped headlights.


Boats and other equipment


·         If the lake gets thick weed growth there will be a boat available for going out to free hooked fish.

·         Suitably rated self inflating life jackets must be worn at all times on the boat and the angler must also have their own oar and always be able to go out to weeded or snagged fish.  You are insured with a good life jacket but not without.

·         The boat may not be left on the water and secured by lock and chain to a suitable tree to prevent use by members of the public.  The last person on the lake should check the boat and lock it up if necessary.

·         Oars are not to be left with the boat to prevent use by members of the public.

·         Remote controlled bait boats are permitted however their use must be kept to within your own water.

Fishing tackle and techniques


·         Under no circumstances should cast rods be left unattended.

·         Line Strength – The minimum main line breaking strain for baited carprods is 15lb

·         Braided mainline - The use of braided mainline with a baited rig is permitted but please fish sensibly with it and report any lost braid. 

·         Braided hook links – low diameter braids must not be used.

·         Leaders - The use of all leaders, lead core or mono types is not permitted. 

·         Lead attachment - The use of fixed lead rigs is not permitted. For semi fixed rigs good quality lead clips should be used at all times.  In-line lead rigs must eject the lead. Running lead rigs must have suitable large eye swivel or plastic attachment, Chod rigs need to be able to eject the lead or the hook link safely.   

·         Hooks - Micro barb or barbless, no long shank or bent hooks to be used at anytime. 

·         Particle baits – Must be soaked and prepared properly.

·         Artificial baits - Plastic or artificial baits are not permitted. 

·         Suitable landing nets must be used.

·         Unhooking mats must be used at all times and all mats must be large enough to fully accommodate the fish, have raised sides or a cradle and be wet prior to use.

·         Suitable forceps, disgorgers and antiseptic fish care equipment must be available and used.

·         The handling of fish should be kept to a minimum and fish must always be kept low to the ground and over an unhooking mat, which should be wet before the fish is landed. A sling must always be used when moving fish and returning them to the water. 

·         Retaining sacks and slings to be used for the shortest period possible or preferably not at all. Preferred handling of trophy fish is to leave the fish in the water in the net to recover.  Wet the sling and unhooking mat and have everything ready, camera, scales and fish care products.  Unhook the fish, take the photo’s and then weigh it before returning the fish to the water all in the shortest time possible.  Large fish should not be subjected to longer handling times than lesser fish, they are more precious.  No fish should be put into a sling, then weighed, then taken out again to photograph, that’s un-necessary extra handling.



·         Open fires are not permitted anywhere on site although camping stoves and small contained barbecues may be used.

·         We will be sharing the venue with the occasional campers please understand that they might not be anglers and know to keep away from marginal areas you might be fishing to.

·         Toilet facilities are in the farm yard, use them nicely and keep them clean, not just the obvious, muddy boots etc.

·         No litter whatsoever will be tolerated, including cigarette butts, tea bags or other degradable items.

·         Please pick all litter up even when it isn’t your own.  Report any large quantities or re-occurring rubbish found.

·         Members are not permitted to possess any form of weapon or object which may be considered offensive.

·         Radios or other sound producing devices etc may only be used with personal headphones.

·         Your fishing zone is half way between you and the next angler left and right.

·         No child under the age of 16 is allowed to fish without adult supervision, the adult must be over 21.

·         No fish to be removed from the fishery or transferred onto the fishery.

·         Members must not cause harm to wildlife or habitats. Birds and other wildlife take precedence in all cases and, if necessary, a swim should be avoided or vacated where the risk of causing disturbance to wildlife exists.

·         Members may not trim or remove vegetation without the consent.

·         No new swims may be established without consent.

·         Dogs - No dogs are allowed on site.

·         Members must take all reasonable measures to ensure the welfare of any fish with which they come into contact. Any member causing unnecessary distress to fish or other wildlife may be subject to disciplinary measures, such as expulsion from the syndicate.

·         Members are asked to notify the Environment Agency 0800-807060 immediately of any pollution or illegal fishing activity that they observe.

·         Reporting captures is optional but at the end of the year I insist you send your catch photo’s in so we can gauge the growth and good health of the carp.  We will be keeping a gallery and will keep stock records like we do on the Bayeswater web site of some of the fish.  Email all photo’s to us via Bayeswater Fishing’s email address.

·         The lake will be closed for 2-3 weeks at the first sign of spawning carp.  If they start to spawn whilst you are fishing real in and let anyone else fishing know to real in.  No Fishing due to spawning signs will be put up during this time.


Pike and predator fishing


We are not sure if we will introduce pike to thin the silver fish out or rely on the perch to do the job.  However if we do introduce pike they must be fished fore with the utmost care.


·         Pike and all other predators are fragile, utmost care must be shown to these fish.

·         Live baits are allowed only when caught from the water, no live baits to be transferred between waters.  

·         Barbless hooks only for live and dead bait fishing (1 micro barb bait holding, 2 barbless per treble hook)

·         Crushed or filed down barbs on lures to create micro barbs.

·         Minimum line strength 15 pound.

·         Minimum trace strength 20 pound, minimum length 15 inches, 400 mm.

·         Braided main lines for lure fishing and long range drift bait fishing only, floating braid type.

·         Suitable length unhooking mats and slings only.  Wet mats and slings before contact with the fish.

·         Unhooking – Predator anglers must possess suitable pliers/forceps (2 pairs, at least 1 long pair) and wire cutters capable of snipping hooks.

·         No traces to be left in deep hooked pike, to remove, gentle pressure will invert the stomach until the hooks are visible, go through the gills and invert the hooks carefully.  If unsure ask an experienced pike angler.

·         Minimum 42 inch landing net.

·         Takes - To be struck as soon as possible to avoid deep hooking.

·         Report any fish that seem to go back with difficulties to the bailiffs.