May 02, 2016

The re-moval of some of the fish from the syndicate lake into the day ticket lake has now been completed with the movement of a 27 and 32 pound fish (photographed on the mat).  In total seven fish have been ... READ MORE

May 01, 2016

Big thank you to Sam Seeley for transfering this long 11.02 linier to the stock pond from the day ticket lake.

Please be aware that we only want fish under 12 pound transfering into the stock pond.  this is because ... READ MORE

Apr 12, 2016

The ongoing polocy to improve both lakes continues with this 32.12 being transfered from the syndicate lake to the day ticket lake.

this is the 4th 30 to be transfered.  The main aim is to help the carp grow in ... READ MORE