Moving the 5 x 30's and 2 mid 20's from the syndicate to the Day Ticket lake has made a difference to the lake.  We now have 9 x 30's in the day ticket lake at the right time of year to just over 40.  With a lot of day ticket originals pushing 30 last winter we expect the 30's count to reach double figures at least this season.

We'll be netting the day ticket lake this autumn taking out any carp under 15 pound, tench and silvers to keep the better fish growing well.  We'll also siltex the whole lake and lime the margins to further enhance water quality.

The blue dye and previouse siltex and lime treatments do seem to be making a difference to the silk weed control and has improved the amount of naturals in the lake but it will still take a few years to get the lake as rich as we want it to be.  

Still we are winning and as I said, the new 30's, the removal of smaller fish and everything we are doing is making personal bests achievable to more anglers like Scott Fuller, pictured here with one of the new 30's at 30 pound, a new PB for Scott.  Scott also caught several 20's and 2 19's during his week on the day ticket lake, he travels all the way from Derby so it's special to Scott to catch such fish and special to us to make it possible.

He didn't just catch big fish, he also caught 2 very small carp which he transfered into the stock pond which are on a seperate report and on the stock pond gallery.  Good angling Scott catching your 30 pound PB and a big thank you for your help in our fishery management project, moving the babies.

Regards Gary