It’s every anglers dream to run a fishery, preferably to own one outright.  Second best is to lease one where you can have total control of the fishing. Bayeswater lakes are leased, not owned by me, Gary Bayes.  Obviously this isn’t as good as owning the lakes but with a little lee way from both sides, Bayeswater is going to be a premier fishery in the future, of that I am sure.

On Bayeswater fishing site there are three lakes; the largest, with the island in the middle is the Syndicate Lake.  The next biggest is the Day Ticket Lake and the smallest is the Trout/Stock Pond.

The stock pond, at the time of writing, is strictly NO FISHING.  It originally contained trout, all of which have since passed away.  It will be used as a stock pond only in the near future with the intention of growing on further fish for Bayeswater Fishing lakes.  Do not even dream of fishing this lake; the farmer’s house overlooks the site, and I’m in total agreement with him that anyone caught fishing will be expelled from the site, it really is a no go zone.

Bayeswater fishing Lakes are behind locked gates, access is really for members only.  We know this is a little awkward for anyone wishing to have a walk round but security for fishing tackle and vehicles is important, many of the members have even commented on this, having had bad experiences on other venues.

Anyone wishing to view the lakes can do so by appointment only.  Phone Steve on 07960 486143 or Anne on 07746 050657.  Alternatively join at Beven Carp Tackle Chelmsford 01245 266833. You will need two passport photo's and will be issued with an ID card and key,  Cost is £25 and membership is for life.  See day ticket prices for further details.

Bayeswater Fishing is located at Generals Farm, Boreham interchange, A12, Springfield junction Chelmsford Essex.  From the Ipswich direction leave the A12 at the above junction and you will see the farm entrance directly in front. Turn immediately right on concrete road once you have left the roundabout.

From the London direction, take the right hand lane, keep turning right, as if returning to London direction.  Immediately before the London slip road (on the third roundabout you encounter) is the entrance to Generals Farm,  again turn immediate right after leaving the roundabout.

It's easier to find than it sounds, you can actually see the lakes from the A12, London side of Boreham interchange.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Gary Bayes 

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Gary Bayes


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